Expressing gratitude is a lost art, or so it seems. Advances in technology such as email, voicemail, text messaging, and social media have made saying thank you a rare event. And that is the opportunity.

The simple act of expressing thanks catches people by surprise. For your friends and colleagues, a heartfelt expression of appreciation strengthens relationships while savvy professionals use appreciation marketing as a high impact tool for business development.

Appreciation can be expressed in many ways. Today most people are use email or text messaging. While these digital methods are instantaneous, many of us are buried in email and messages from people trying to sell us something we do not need or, worse, unwanted messages from spammers. A common reaction is to press the delete key without opening the message.

An alternative to this digital overload is the sheer simplicity and personalization of a personalized greeting card or gift item. A handwritten card with personal photos or logo delivered by the US Mail with a real stamp has an open rate of 98% when compared to an email message which is seldom read and often deleted.

Customer relationships are simple. If you provide value to them and your offering is first, best, or different than the competition, you will likely get their business. Keeping them as a customer is another matter. Customers go the competition for many reasons such as a lower price or a new product feature offered by the competitor, but a study by the Rockefeller Corporation found that 68% of customers leave because they feel that the provider does not care about them.

The flip side is why do customers stay? Providing a good product or service is expected but making the customer feel needed is a basic requirement. Thus, people need to know that you know them and appreciate them. This is where most professionals drop the ball or underperform; this is your opportunity to say thanks for the relationship.

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