Need qualified new leads? The BirdDog Group can help. We are experts in lead generation and lead nurturing. Our tools consist of social media, highly segmented customer lists, and e-mail marketing. This combination provides a proven method to identify new prospects who want to do business with you. The end result will be new customer relationships and more sales.

Finding Your Customers Online

We begin by finding where your customers live on the web. Today people are using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as a part of everyday life. Our job is to scour the web and find which of these millions of users are potential customers for your business and convert them into qualified leads. The key is not thinking of your market as one customer segment; instead, visualize them as many customer segments with unique needs. Each segment needs it own special messages and nurturing until they are ready to buy.

Lead Generation – Landing Page Optimization

Once we've located your potential customers, we begin the process of converting them into highly qualified leads by driving them to an optimized landing page. A landing page is a static web-page that serves as a visual representation of your company. Each landing page is built using the 3 C's of website conversion: context, credibility, and call-to-action. The goal is to transform visitors into leads. Our team develops a highly targeted incentive to get the visitors to opt-in to your mailing list. This grants you the ability to communicate directly with them–this is the essence of permission based marketing.

Lead Nurturing Campaign

Once we've built a solid quantity of leads we begin the lead nurturing process through a highly strategized e-mail campaign aimed at forming a relationship between the lead and the sponsoring company. We provide value-added content to the prospect to help move them forward. Nurturing is a process based on an information exchange that a new prospect needs to move along the buying the process. Prospects need answers to their questions before they'll decide to buy.


Lead generation is the result of targeting the right customer with social media, driving them to an optimized landing page, and then nurturing them along the buying process. It can be an inexpensive way to test a product concept and a great way to grow your business. In the end, what really matters is customer conversion–moving them from prospects to loyal customers. This is what we do.