To 'optimize' a site means to design it so that it will be found by search engines, but especially by Google. Commanding roughly 70% of the market, Google dominates search. So the goal of great SEO is to give Google what it wants. Each page must be designed so that Google can crawl and index your site's content and find it again.

SEO optimizes a website by improving site elements to increase the traffic that the site receives from search engines. The BirdDog Group's Search Engine Optimization techniques use all available SEO tools; note that Google's search engine algorithm is constantly changing. SEO techniques that worked last year may not work this year - and, thus, the challenge.

By implementing SEO, you will attract more relevant traffic to your site and landing pages. By attracting more relevant traffic to your site, you can increase conversion rates, such as when the visitor contacts you.

Great SEO has the following elements:

  • High quality, relevant content.
  • Titles - Use clear, relevant titles that are keyword-rich.
  • Clearly written, interesting body copy that is relevant to the title. Consider SEO copy which is written by a SEO certified copywriter. This form of site copy is written both for Google and humans.
  • Natural Use of Keywords - Beware of overloading your site with keywords.
  • Inbound links - Relevant links from important, authoritative sites are best.

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