Feeling left out of social media? Social media has come of age and it is time for you to add social media as a key part of your marketing mix. The BirdDog Group can assist you in the following ways:

Social Media Audit

This is how we get started. We evaluate your business concept, your customers' preferences, existing resources, and your competition to determine the optimum social media strategy. The key is to figure which social media best fit you and your company. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or blogging, we will help communicate your message efficiently and effectively. The goal is to create a social media mix that works.

Social Media Launch

We do the work for you. This is where you apply creativity to your social media mix.

We can take your existing social media tools, and improve upon it, or help you launch a completely new strategy. It could include helping you launch a blog, a Twitter presence, a page on Facebook, or often a combination of tools. But the tools used will be in line with your existing business and communication goals and resources.

Social Media Watch

Now that you have launched your social media effort, monitoring and analyzing your results is of prime importance. A social media dashboard is developed for you that helps manage your activities. Social media activity is great, but when all is said and done, what really matters to you? Hits to your website? Signups for your newsletter? Sales leads? Orders? These critical elements will be watched and measured and modified as needed.